Maintenancecontract for your (Joomla) website

Joomla OnderhoudscontractEvery Joomla website consists of a number of software components. Basic Joomla software and installed software extensions such as components, modules, plugins, language files and templates. With a Maintenancecontract from Swemmelaar Webdesign you ensure that all components remain up-to-date.

These files are often improved by the developer of this software. As a result, newer updates are added. Many websites, however, forget to maintain the website technically. For the security and stability of your Joomla website, we recommend installing these updates.

If this does not happen, parts of your website may no longer function properly and it is easier for hackers to penetrate your website. This applies to all websites on the internet.

Preventive maintenance is ultimately many times cheaper than waiting until the website no longer functions properly and as a result you have to develop a new website or hire an expensive programmer. You can compare this with the maintenance of your car: topping up the oil and coolant from time to time is good for the engine and your car can take it again. This story also applies to your Joomla website.

Of course you can update your website yourself. There is a fairly technical side to it and you need to be well informed. If you do it yourself, there is a risk that your website will no longer function properly and you may lose your entire website.

Here Swemmelaar Webdesign comes to your aid, by means of a Maintenancecontract we ensure every month that your website remains up to date and functions properly.



€ 372,00
per year
  • Monthly check for updates
  • Install Updates
  • Backup your website
  • simple websites


€ 690,00
per year
  • Monthly check for updates
  • Install Updates
  • Backup your website
  • Custom work 1 hour per month


€ 1152,00
per year
  • Monthly check for updates
  • Install Updates
  • Backup your website
  • Custom work 2 hour per month


€ 2160,00
per year
  • Monthly check for updates
  • Install Updates
  • Backup your website
  • Custom work 4 hour per month

The Maintenancecontract is intended for:

  • Updates of Joomla major releases, from for example 3.3.4 to 3.3.6 *.
  • Updates of the components.
  • Updates of the modules.
  • Updates of the plugins.
  • Updates to the language files.
  • Updates to the template.
  • Customization (placing / changing / removing content at your request up to a maximum spendable time as stated in the Maintenancecontract (content is understood to be Photos, Articles, Text etc.))

Does not concern updates from version 2.5 to, for example, version 3.0, we will issue a separate offer for this.


The Maintenancecontract is NOT intended to add new functionality to the website, unless otherwise agreed.


We are happy to enter into this Maintenancecontract with you, so that your website remains healthy, vital and up to date. Swemmelaar Webdesign is one of the cheaper providers in the field of Joomla Maintenancecontracts, where the service and quality is very high. Loud and clear.

What you can expect from us:

  • Monthly check of your website for available updates.
  • The updates are then installed asap.
  • Before we install these updates we will make a full backup of your website.
  • We will inform you when the Maintenancecontract will expire.
  • Every month we report what the hours have been spent on.

The standard terms and conditions of Swemmelaar Webdesign apply to this maintenance agreement together with the additional conditions below.

  • Maintenancecontract is entered into for a minimum period of one year, unless agreed otherwise.
  • If the Maintenancecontract is canceled prematurely, the costs for the remaining period will not be reimbursed.

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